OluDeniz Tourist Guide : About Oludeniz

Ölüdeniz ( Dead Sea or Blue Lagoon) is a small village and beach resort in the Fethiye district of Muğla Province, on the Turquoise Coast of southwestern Turkey, at the conjunction point of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. It is located 14 km (9 miles) to the south of Fethiye, near Mount Babadağ.

Ölüdeniz remains one of the most photographed beaches on the Mediterranean. It has a secluded sandy bay at the mouth of Ölüdeniz, on a blue lagoon. The beach itself is a pebble beach. The lagoon is a national nature reserve and construction is strictly prohibited. The seawater of Ölüdeniz is famous for its shades of turquoise and aquamarine, while its beach is an official Blue Flag beach, frequently rated among the top 5 beaches in the world by travelers and tourism journals alike.

Ölüdeniz is also famous for its paragliding opportunities. It is regarded as one of the best places in the world to paraglide due to its unique panoramic views, and Mount Babadağ’s exceptional height (6460 ft / 1969 m). Babadag has become one of the most popular paragliding sites in the world.

Babadag (Father Mt.) is part of the Taurus range running across southern Turkey. It rises directly from sea level to a summit of 1969m. Hosting a large variety of flora along with an ancient road dated to the Lycian period, this route makes for an interesting hike. There has been no path from Oludeniz to Babadag designed for mountain walking since it has not been popular in Turkey until a recent date. There are a combination of several paths formed by shepherds also using a tiny section of the Lycian way.

The Lycian Way, a long-distance trail, starts from Ölüdeniz and eventually reaches Olympos and the nearby settlements, with a total length of over 500 km. It is regarded as one of the most popular routes for hiking in the world.

Oludeniz has several good resturants,bars , shops and hotels, though is much quieter than the “party town” Hisaronu, just a couple of miles inland.


Exchanging Currency :  D0 not exchange your money to Turkish lira in your home town or at the airports, the rate is much lower than what you will get in Turkey. There are many places to exchange foreign currency.

Time Zone : Turkey’s time zone is Eastern European Time ( +2 GMT).

Important Phone Numbers :  Police 155 , Ambulance 112 ,  Fire 110 ,  Jandarma 156.

Electricity : 220 volts AC/50 Hz.  Plugs: European round/ 2-prong plug.

Medical Services : Turkey has excellent medical services. There are two private hospitals in Fethiye which are of a high standard and both have English interpreters to aid your admission and subsequent treatment.

Chemist / Pharmacy – these can be identified by a prominent sign E for Eczane. Chemists in Turkey are trained to diagnose and treat many common illnesses and complaints. So before going to the doctor try seeing the Chemist first. Most staff will speak some English.

Post Office : Turkish postoffices are easily recognized by their black PTT letters on a yellow background.  The Oludeniz post-office is 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. It is located next to the Jandarma Office along the sea front.  To phone from PTT telephone booths telephone cards and tokens (“jeton”) in 3 sizes are used. Local, inter-city and international calls can be made from all PTT offices. There are also many public phone boxes around Oludeniz, these do not accept cash. Phone cards can be bought at most small shops.

Tipping :  tipping at a rate of 5%-15% of the total is normal. Taxi and dolmus (mini bus) drivers do not expect tips.

Water : Buy bottled drinking water, avaible at almost every store. You can safely brush your teeth with tap water. Avoid having ice for your drinks as most places still use tap water for making ice.

Sun Cream : In summer time (particularly July and August), you will need a sun hat and sun cream to protect yourself against sun burn.

News Papers & Magazines : Foreign newspapers and magazines are available.  There is a Turkish daily newspaper, Daily News, published in English.

Visiting a Mosque :  Five times a day, the “muezzin” calls the faithful to prayer in the mosque. Before entering a mosque, Muslims wash themselves and remove their shoes. Foreign visitors should also remove their shoes and show the respect they would any other house of worship and avoid visiting the mosque during prayer time. Women should cover their heads and arms, and not wear miniskirts. Men should not wear shorts.

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